Everyone starts small.
Let us help you grow big.


A small PPC media agency
with big ideas

Our story has been 5 years in the making. And yet we’ve only just begun.

Based in Bucharest, Konect is a flexible performance marketing agency that cares.

Here, we don’t just check the performance box, but we strive to listen and do better.

As a small team you can expect to have our full attention and dedication.

Our goal is to help clients reimagine business for the connected world through a radical focus on a relevant media mix.

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We begin with your truth, listen to your
goals and then get to work.

What we do


Creating cost-effective Search campaigns that reach high-intent audiences who are actively looking for your product or service.


Using the latest innovative targeting to build large-scale awareness of your brand amongst highly-qualified audience groups.


Reach a hyper-relevant, defined audience on the perfect platform for sharing engaging video ads with potential customers.

Social Advertising

If your brand is on at least one or more of these platforms, you know it’s demanding to keep the conversation always on and consistent. Social Advertising can accelerate growth, awareness & engagement. Do you want to reach targeted audiences & encourage conversions?

How we do it

Digital Strategy

Let’s be real. Your community manager can only do so much. Only big ideas can take your brand to the next level. It takes insightful strategy to boost your ROI, ensure the right decisions are made and reach the audience you want. It isn’t easy, but that’s where we come in..

Conversion Rate Optimization

By designing and modifying certain elements of a webpage, a business can increase the chances that site visitors will convert into a lead or customer before they leave.

Market Research

Market research & consumer insights - Profiling Your PPC Visitors And Targeting Your Ads To Them.

Analyze & Reporting

Your business is always-on? We develop custom reports for your business category and your goals.

Media Buying

We also handle all media acquisitions through dedicated platforms.

Ecommerce Marketing Solutions

We develop special e-stores campaigns with Google and Facebook e-commerce solutions.

Here are some of our friends & business partners

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some great clients for whom we’ve done everything from strategy to full scale digital campaigns.

Active Power Solutions
Life is Hard
Crama Gabai
Total GSM
Aero Team
Trai Alfa

Konect in numbers

Everything went well. The numbers to prove it.


Impressions since we started 5 years ago


Ad clicks across all digital platforms


Tracked conversions across all digital platforms


Managed ad budgets of 500.000 euro in total

Konect recipe

We listen

We care

We believe in meaningful connections

We are passionate to reach our big dreams

In a connected world, focus and relevance matter

Every client deserves to feel like a hero

We’ve been around long enough to know how it’s done

Our structure is small, our thinking is big!

Want to grow your business in a connected world?
We do it cost effective while maximizing media resources.